Nobody really likes staff meetings. Especially when companies have the typical cheap conference room tables we are all used to seeing. However, office meeting rooms are starting to change. In fact, many companies are opting for the lounge type of meetings rooms. However, if you still need a meeting room with a table to take notes, below you will find a great picture gallery of ideas for conference room tables.


Meeting with potential clients brings in the money. If you have an ugly conference room, this could make or break the sale. Of course there are other factors, but every little thing you can do to improve your chances of success, you want to take advantage of this.


Big, long conference tables give the impression of a big and large company. More unusual shaped tables give the impression of a more creative and forward thinking company. When selecting a conference table, you also have to think about usefulness. Will you have phones? If that’s the case, you need to select a conference table that has holes for the phone lines.


Conference room tables also come in various materials. Will you have a glass conference table? Or will you have a wooden conference table?


Color also has a big impact on the conference table. An all white conference table gives your company a modern and clean look. A deep toned wooden table gives your company a sophisticated feel.


Remember when selecting a table, you want to take into account the size of the actual room. Even though the table is going to be very large, you don’t want it so large that people can’t pull their chairs out.


If you have a small space, then maybe getting a conference room table isn’t the best option and you should be looking to turning this room into a meeting room with lounge furniture.


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