If you don’t use a desk mat, you may try considering buying one. Not only do they add style to your desk, but desk mats and pads are very functional in terms of working and getting organized.


Desk mats come in all kinds of different sizes and materials. They can cover half your desk, or they can cover a smaller portion of your desk. They have pads made from leather, acrylic all the way to rubber.


Desks pads provide an even surface for writing. When you use one, you will see the difference writing on top of a desk pad over directly on a desk. Your pen just flows a lot nicer. Now, many of you are wondering, “who writes nowadays? I have a computer!” Well, if you aren’t going to be writing on paper, these desk pads are used to protect your desk from coffee spills, the dreaded “o” ring from hot beverages, dents and scratches. They also help keep your computer, phone and monitor from sliding.


There are a variety to choose from. You will mostly find the leather executive pads in executive offices, but there are so many varieties nowadays, that you can surely find the perfect one for you!

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