Coffee is the drug of choice for many employees. The water cooler talks have shifted to the coffee machines. Office coffee makers used to be just plain with those familiar glass pitchers you would pour your own coffee in. As offices have become more style conscious, so has their choice of coffee machines in office kitchens.


With the invention of Keurig Machines, the famous one cup coffee machine, a variety of coffee choices have been made affordable to the small business office. Not only does the coffee come out perfectly and consistent every time, but these machines are stylish and sleek.


However, are favorite coffee machines are the Nespresso coffee makers. Place these in any kitchen, and you’ve just upgraded your kitchen. The Nespresso machines are truly spectacular and the company offers a variety of choices, not only to match your office kitchen decor, but also to give you your caffeine fix.


Larger companies have very expensive coffee machines. Where pushing one button, can give you a similar coffee or espresso shot to the one you would be ordering from Starbuck. When you see one of these machines, you know the company has taken great measures to make their employees happy.


So grab your favorite coffee mug with your favorite espresso drink. Browse the gallery below of pictures to get ideas on the type of office coffee machines you think would make a good fit at your company.


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