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Most people spend more time at work than they do at home. Having a well laid out and organized office environment also leads to being more productive. In fact, Forbes actually warned of the dangers of having a messy office.


It’s no wonder so many organizations are spending so much time planning office layouts to improve communication, productivity and employee happiness. Just take a look at Google and their workspace, where they provide everything from private chefs to playrooms designed to keep their employees as happy as possible.


And then you have companies that have learned that having employees work from home can also lead to tremendous boosts in productivity. In these cases, having a focused home office is vitally important.


Office Inspire was created to inspire you to creating a work place that you love. Wether it be a home office, a cubicle, a corporate office or a modern open layout type of office, you can browse the photos on the site to help you create your perfect work space.


Browse articles filled with pictures and ideas from from cool office chairs to amazing office desks. Whatever your tastes are, you will find work office decorating ideas that are right for you. From how how to decorate an office at work with leather chairs to office furniture layout ideas for conference room tables.


We will continue to add more pictures to the site. If you would like to showcase your own work space, we would to feature you for our readers. Enjoy.


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