A lot of people work long hours. Many of us miss the days when we were in school and were able to attend class a couple of times a week. Now, we work 9 – 5 (if you are one of the lucky ones) go home, eat, sleep and then repeat the day all over again. Especially if you live in the United States, for the most part, we are a work focused society.


However, many studies have shown that taking breaks during the day is very important. It actually turns out that you are more productive taking breaks and even being able to nap during the day. Unfortunately, many companies still don’t understand the importance of breaks, which makes it hard to relax during the day.


On the other hand, a few do. In fact, they embrace it so much, that they even have dedicated game rooms for their employees. Below is our list of 18 companies that have awesome game rooms. Browse the photo gallery below, and after you are done, go ahead and try and find a job there.



MTV Germany gameroom

Credit: Archii

These awesome offices were designed by Dan Pearlman Architects. This game room has a slick table tennis set up with wooden legs, a cool foosball table. The game room has an open airy feel, especially because you can look out the wall windows.The space was designed by Dan Pearlman Architects and has  an wonderful open feel to it. The colors are bright, they pot, but are also flat and easy on the eyes. The space boasts game areas, large general seating areas under leaf-like woodwork, tons of natural light, and a great looking reception area with a killer logo.


2) Lego Denmark Offices


Credit: PSFK

This Lego space was designed by Rosan Bosch, and the office space lives up to the Lego Brand. Not only are the Lego toys fun and creative, but the Lego offices in Denmark appear to be a stylish open concept playground for adults. Imagine coming to work here and having to slide to your office.


3) Google Zurich

Google Zurich Gameroom

Credit: inhabitat.com

Of course Google would be on this, but check out Google in Zurich. We know they work hard, but they seem to also play hard. They actually have multiple game rooms. In this one, they have table tennis, air hockey and also foosball. The decor is colorful, modern and very creative.


4) Mono Minneapolis

mono office game room

Credit: Coolboom.net

Mono is an advertising agency located in Minneapolis. Some of their client’s include Apple, USA Networks and General Mills. Very nice industrial feel with a ping pong table. Client’s must love stopping by and discussing ideas “back and forth.”


5) Parliament Design Portland


Credit: trendland.com

Parliament Design in Portland is a creative design agency. Love the elegant pool table in contrast with the hip decor on the walls. The wood floors are also a great contrast to what we typically find in other design agencies, which normally have concrete floors.


6) Living Social DC

living social-dc-game

Credit: dc.urbanturf.com

Living Social is located in a historic DC building. This is a unique game room, because they have a very cool skeeball game. The game room has exposed brick with modern couches and even a projector to watch movies.


7) Atlassian San Francisco


Credit: gfxrider

Atlassian is a business software company located in San Francisco. They had a 42,000 sq. ft two story warehouse. The playroom is located adjacent to the kitchen. Great ping pong set up with concrete floors and a big open space feel.

8) Google You Tube Beverly Hills

You Tube’s office is located in Beverly Hills. Being YouTube, we at Office Inspire thought it would be appropriate to show you this office in a YouTube video. Check out the game room at minute 2:42. It’s a quick glimpse, but will make you want to go work there.


9) SlideRoom Dallas

slideroom gameroom

Credit: officesnapshots.com

SlideRoom is a software company located in Dallas, Texas. This game room features a ping pong table, and a fantastic view. The decor is clean and contemporary.


10) Zynga San Francisco

zynga office game

Credit: customspaces.com

Zynga’s offices are located in San Francisco. The space is 556,000 sq feet. If you play Farmville, then you’ve heard of this game company. They provide some of the best games in the business. It’s no wonder their space is so playful. The picture above shows just one of the game rooms with two ping pong tables in a cool modern setting.


11) Yemeksepeti Istanbul

yemeksepeti game

Credit: campaigntr.com

Yemeksepeti is a turkish food ordering portal with office in Istanbul. We love the red velvet on this modern pool table. This game room features an open concept design with great views.


12) BeCore Los Angeles

becore los angeles

Credit: officesnapshots.com

BeCore is located in downtown Los Angeles.  The company is an experiential marketing agency and has won awards. That’s probably why they award their employees with a great office space. Check out their pinball machines in their game room. Concrete floors and a cool industrial look.


13) WSP Group Adelaide

WSP Group Workplace game

Credit: retaildesignblog.net

WSP Group is an engineering firm located in Adelaide. This game room features a yellow pool table with beautiful wood floors.


14) Adobe Utah


Credit: dezeen.com


Adobe offices located in Utah. This leading software giant, of such popular products like Photoshop and Illustrator has massive office spaces. Actually, its more of a campus. Just this game room alone has table tennis and pool, but it’s so big that it could also be turned into a soccer field. We love the all glass look and feel.



15) Allegro Group


Credit: retaildesignblog.net

Allegro Group located in Poland, is one of the country’s largest internet companies. The building has seven floors. The above picture, is one of the game areas, and we aren’t quite sure what it is, but it looks fun nonetheless! They seem to be adult swings, which we have never seen before.


16) Netzkern Wuppertal, Germany

netzkern foosball

Credit: bene.com

Netzkern is an internet agency located in Germany. We love that the foosball table gets its own glass room, with green flooring. The decor is modern with whites and pop green.


17) Reserva Rio de Janeiro

Reserva gameroom

Credit: soyouknowbetter.com

Reserva is a fashion group located in Brazil. This gameroom features a foosball table, a drum set and even  puncing bag for all the MMA enthusiasts over there. We love the modular sofas.


18) ReadyNow Irvine

readynow pooltable

Credit: officesnapshots.com

ReadyNow is located in Irvine and they offer custom crafted suites for business to get working immediately. As you can see from the picture above, they have great taste in decor and this playroom offers a very modern pool table with gray velvet and fun seating around. We love the white color scheme with the pops of blue color.

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