One of the first things you are greeted with when walking into a company is the reception desk. Not only is the person sitting behind this desk important, but the desk you choose to use also causes a big first impression.


Imagine walking into an office building with a huge narrow reception desk. In contrast, imagine walking into that same company with just a regular desk as your greeting. See the difference?


Reception desks are different than regular desks because they need to hide the legs of the receptionist and also keep whatever is on the receptionist’s desk hidden. Usually, these desks feature a counter that is used to place papers and decorations, but also serves as a clever barrier to hide the mess behind.


Good reception desks also offer functional storage. It’s important that the person behind this desk be organized since this is going to be the first impression your potential client sees.


Finding reception desks isn’t easy. You can’t walk into a place like Ikea and find one. They are usually custom made and are very expensive. A lot of times, reception desks can even have your logo. Some smaller offices get creative by having a desk and covering the front with shelving units. Others actually hire contractors to build walls with countertops made out of granite, and then hide the desks behind these walls.


Whatever method you use, make sure you find a reception desk that matches your companies industry and style. Feel free to browser the gallery below to get more ideas.

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